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Program Overview

Mastering Academics Through Tutoring (MATT) is a comprehensive afterschool and summer tutoring program designed to help students in underserved communities enhance their educational performance by engaging them in small group tutoring sessions. The two-hour to four-hour sessions are facilitated by caring and motivated state certified teachers, using nationally recognized, researched based tutoring materials. Student progress is tracked and reports are forwarded to the parents.

Laptops and tablets are readily available. The board chair serves as Team Leader and assists the Program Director with daily operations. She is a registered nurse and adjunct faculty at a local university. A program director is a certified Caddo Parish Teacher.

Parent Testimonial

I thank God for people like Pastor and Mrs. Humphrey. I commend them on running a top-notch professional tutoring program, which has afforded my son [Dawson Wilson] and now my daughter [Peyton Herrin] an opportunity to excel in their school studies all at no charge. As a single working parent this program has helped me tremendously.  If I'm working late, not only am I free from worries that homework is being completed I also know my children will receive a healthy snack to hold them over. If you are looking for an establishment to assist you with your child's success I would honestly recommend this particular program.  My son is now a High School graduate and has gone on to attend College.  The help he received from the staff here helped to give him the extra push he needed. The tutors are not your ‘Regular Joes’, many of them are currently schoolteachers and college professors giving back to their community and I am one proud parent who appreciates their efforts.

Marjorie Wilson

Dawson Wilson
Peyton Herrin
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